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August 16, 2014 garden 018


Where beauty is, then there is ugliness;
where right is, also there is wrong.

Knowledge and ignorance are interdependent;
delusion and enlightenment condition each other.

Since olden times it has been so.
How could it be otherwise now?

Wanting to get rid of one and grab the other
is merely realizing a scene of stupidity.

Even if you speak of the wonder of it all,
how do you deal with each thing changing?


Photo by Woodland Gnome 2014


May 31, 2014 Farmer's Market 003

Sometimes it’s a little better to travel than to arrive.
Robert M. Pirsig


Photo by Woodland Gnome 2014

May 27. 2014 Herons 066

Take small account of might,

wealth and fame,

for they soon pass and are forgotten.


Instead, nurture love within you

and strive to be a friend to all.

Truly, compassion is a balm for many wounds.




Photo by Woodland Gnome 2014

May 24 2014 vines 063

Remember always

that you are just a visitor here,

a traveler passing through.


Your stay is but short

and the moment of your departure





Photo by Woodland Gnome 2014

January 26 2014 ice 051

Observe the wonders as they occur around you.

Don’t claim them.

Feel the artistry moving through

and be silent. Don’t grieve.

Anything you lose

comes round in another form.
Jalal ad-din Rumi


Photo by Woodland Gnome 2014

January 24 ice 027
Without accepting the fact
that everything changes,
we cannot find perfect composure.
But unfortunately,
although it is true,
it is difficult for us to accept it.
Because we cannot accept the truth of transience,
we suffer.
Shunryu Suzuki
Photo by Woodland Gnome 2014