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August 19, 2014 lavender 017

If you know the psychological nature

of your own mind,

depression is spontaneously dispelled;
instead of being enemies and strangers,

all living beings become your friends.
The narrow mind rejects;

wisdom accepts.
Check your own mind to see whether or not this is true.


Lama Zopa Rinpoche


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July 24, 2014 hummingbird 023


Man often becomes

what he believes himself to be.

If I keep on saying to myself

that I cannot do a certain thing,

it is possible

that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it.

On the contrary,

if I have the belief that I can do it,

I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it

even if I may not have it

at the beginning.


Mahatma Gandhi

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July 28, 2014 pond 019

Do not make the mistake

of supposing that the little world you see around you –

the Earth,

which is a mere grain of dust in the Universe –

is the Universe itself.

There are millions upon millions of such worlds,

and greater.

And there are millions of millions

of such Universes in existence

within the Infinite Mind of THE ALL.


Three Initiates, from The Kybalion

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June 27, 2014  garden at dusk 020

By three things the wise person may be known.

What three?

He sees a shortcoming as it is.

When he sees it, he tries to correct it.

And when another acknowledges a shortcoming,

the wise one forgives it as he should.


A Buddha


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June 19 garden 002

Breath is the bridge

which connects life to consciousness,

which unites your body

to your thoughts.

Whenever your mind becomes scattered,

use your breath

as the means to take hold

of your mind again.


Thích Nhất Hạnh


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June 15, 2014 Father's Day 002


Overcome your uncertainties

and free yourself from dwelling on sorrow.

When you delight in existence,

you will awaken,

and become a guide to those in need,

revealing the path to many.



Buddhist Teaching


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June 6, 2014 Forest Lane 009
We are what we think.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts, we make the world.
Siddhartha Gautama
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March 23, 2014 parkway and flowers 083

It takes a certain ingenuous faith

– but I have it –

to believe that people who read and reflect

more likely than not

come to judge things

with liberality and truth.


A.C. Grayling

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March 8 2014 golden 022

Joy, anger, sorrow, happiness,

find no place in that man’s breast;

for to him all creation is ONE.

And all things

being thus united in ONE,

his body and limbs

are but as dust of the earth,

and life and death,

beginning, and end,

are but as night and day,

and cannot destroy his peace.

How much less

such trifles as gain or loss,

misfortune or good fortune?

Chuang Tzu


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March 11, 2014 garden 032

…the basic stuff of the universe,

at its core,

is looking like a kind of pure energy

that is malleable to human intention

and expectation

in a way that defies

our old mechanistic model of the universe–

as though our expectation itself

causes our energy to flow out

into the world

and affect other energy systems.

James Redfield
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