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June 27, 2014  garden at dusk 020

By three things the wise person may be known.

What three?

He sees a shortcoming as it is.

When he sees it, he tries to correct it.

And when another acknowledges a shortcoming,

the wise one forgives it as he should.


A Buddha


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May 23, 2014 Mountain Laurel 034
Knowing our personal mission
further enhances the flow of mysterious coincidences
as we are guided toward our destinies.
First we have a question,
then dreams, daydreams, and intuitions
lead us toward the answers,
which usually are synchronistically provided
by the wisdom of another human being.

James Redfield


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May 23, 2014 Mountain Laurel 030


The world is not imperfect

or slowly evolving along a path to perfection.

No, it is perfect at every moment,

every sin already carries grace in it.


Hermann Hesse

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March 8 2014 golden 018

The clouds above us join and separate,
The breeze in the courtyard leaves and returns.
Life is like that, so why not relax?
Who can stop us from celebrating?

Lu Yu

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February 18 2014 parkway 036

So the tree rustles in the evening,

when we stand uneasy before our own childish thoughts.

Trees have long thoughts, long-breathing and restful,

just as they have longer lives than ours.

They are wiser than we are,

as long as we do not listen to them.

But when we have learned how to listen to trees,

then the brevity and the quickness

and the childlike hastiness of our thoughts

achieve an incomparable joy.

Whoever has learned how to listen to trees

no longer wants to be a tree.

He wants to be nothing except what he is.

That is home.

That is happiness.


Herman Hesse


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January 4 ice 013

All beings are from the very beginning Buddhas.
It is like water and ice:
Apart from water, no ice,
Outside living beings, no Buddhas.
Not knowing it is near, they seek it afar.
What a pity!

It is like one in the water who cries out with thirst;
It is like the child of a rich house who has strayed among the poor.
The cause of our circling through the six worlds
Is that we are on the dark paths of ignorance.
Dark path upon dark path treading,
When shall we escape from birth-and-death?


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December 16, 2013 Naturalization 030

The only way

to make sense out of change

is to plunge with it,

move with it,

and join the dance.

Alan Watts

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december 15 2013 Santas 014

To those who

have conformed

themselves to the Way,

the Way readily

lends its power.

Tao Te Ching

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December 13 2013 poinsettias 008

When you can be calm

in the midst of activity,

this is the true state of nature…

When you can be happy

in the midst of hardship,

then you see the true potential of the mind.

Huachu Daoren

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December 5 2013 DOG St 007


Is everywhere

If we only choose

to recognize it.

Okakura Kakuzo

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