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November 15, 2014 garden 009


Those who make compassion

an essential part of their lives

find the joy of life.

Kindness deepens the spirit

and produces rewards

that cannot be completely explained in words.

It is an experience more powerful than words.

To become acquainted with kindness

one must be prepared to learn new things

and feel new feelings.

Kindness is more

than a philosophy of the mind.

It is a philosophy of the spirit.


Robert J. Furey


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july 25, 2014 beach 009


The earth is trying to teach humans

that everything is spirit…

Being human is an opportunity

to bring spirit into all that is material…

The quality and intensity

of resonance

emanated from a given point

is thus attracted back.


When one brings spirit

into the human realm,

it can spiritualize matter.

Matter can then become lighter,

(indeed liberated),

not as dense as before.


Kuan Yin


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June 15, 2014 Father's Day 002


Overcome your uncertainties

and free yourself from dwelling on sorrow.

When you delight in existence,

you will awaken,

and become a guide to those in need,

revealing the path to many.



Buddhist Teaching


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June 8, 2014 swans 005

A child’s world

is fresh and new and beautiful,

full of wonder and excitement.

It is our misfortune

that for most of us

that clear-eyed vision,

that true instinct for

what is beautiful and awe-inspiring,

is dimmed and even lost

before we reach adulthood.

Rachel Carson

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June 6, 2014 Forest Lane 014

Appreciation can make a day,

even change a life.

Your willingness to put it into words

is all that is necessary.


Margaret Cousins


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June 3, 2014 Parkway 005

I don’t know whether the universe,

with its countless galaxies, stars and planets,

has a deeper meaning or not;

but at the very least,

it is clear that we humans who live on this earth

face the task of making a happy life for ourselves.

Therefore, it is important to discover

what will bring about

the greatest degree of happiness.

H. H. Tenzin Gyatso

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April 24, 2014 birds 020
In the sweetness of friendship;
let there be laughter
and the sharing of pleasures.
For in the dew of little things
the heart finds its morning
and is refreshed.
Kahlil Gibran
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March 12, 2014 CW 127

I want to sing like the birds sing,

not worrying about who hears

or what they think.

Jalal ad-Din Rumi


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April 1 2014 garden 062

The sun never says to the earth,
‘You owe me.’

Look what happens with a love like that.
It lights up the whole sky.



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March 27, 2014 parkway 054

Joy is like pure clear water;

wherever it flows,

wondrous blossoms grow…


Sorrow is like a black flood;

wherever it flows it wilts the blossoms.


Shams of Tabriz


Photo by Woodland Gnome 2014