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Shunyata is a Buddhist term meaning emptiness.  In Mahayana Buddhism, Shunyata describes the ultimate nature of things.  Phenomena are “empty” in the sense that they have no lasting part which can be  named or  completely understood.

Siddharta Gautama, who lived around 500 BC,  intuitively understood the nature of reality that our physicists have proven in recent decades through their research .  All phenomena, whether light, liquid, gas, matter, or thought- are simply vibration.  There are no solid particles to be found in particle physics.  There is no solid ground on which we walk, no solid self, so solid “other” to whom we talk.  All Buddhist thought and practice stems from this understanding of reality.

Realizing this “true nature” is the beginning of wisdom, and living it is our path.  We must rub the sand out of our eyes and wake up… again and again.

Woodland Gnome, gardener, seeker, and lifetimes long teacher