February 16 spring flowers 034

….    When Mind passes beyond discriminations
Thoughts and feelings cannot plumb its depths.
The state is absolute and free.
There is neither self nor other.
You will be aware only that you are part of the One.
Everything is inside and nothing is outside.

All wise men everywhere understand this.
This knowledge is beyond time, long or short,
This knowledge is eternal. It neither is nor is not.

Everywhere is here and the smallest equals the largest.
Space cannot confine anything.

The largest equals the smallest.
There are no boundaries, no within and without.
What is and what is not are the same,
For what is not is equal to what is.

If you do not awaken to this truth,
do not worry yourself about it.
Just believe that your Buddha Mind is not divided,
That it accepts all without judgment.
Give no thoughts to words and speeches or pretty plans
The eternal has no present, past or future.

Seng T’san

(Sent T’san lived in China in the sixth century AD.  He was the Dharma successor to the second Chinese patriarch, Dazu (Huike) and spent most of his later life, after his encounter with Dazu living in the mountains or wandering and teaching the Dharma. )

Photo by Woodland Gnome 2014