February 16 spring flowers 010….  Deep is the Tathagata’s wisdom,
Lofty and beyond all illusions.
This is the One to which all things return
provided you do not separate them,
keeping some and casting others away.
Where can you put them anyway?
All things are within the One.
There is no outside.

The Ultimate has no pattern, no duality,
and is never partial.
Trust in this. Keep your faith strong.
When you lay down all distinctions there’s nothing left
but Mind that is now pure, that radiates wisdom,
and is never tired…    (continued)

Seng T’san

(Sent T’san lived in China in the sixth century AD.  He was the Dharma successor to the second Chinese patriarch, Dazu (Huike) and spent most of his later life, after his encounter with Dazu living in the mountains or wandering and teaching the Dharma. )

Photo by Woodland Gnome 2014