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Our regular, mundane understanding of religion is somewhat simple:  it’s a belief, a dogma that we have about some superhuman being or supernatural energy outside our being that has power and control over our universe and over sentient beings.

This mundane understanding of religion is a theistic view.  In the usual meaning of religion, that particular external being or external energy is holding our computer keyboard and is doing the programming for us.

We don’t have any power, we don’t have any energy, and we don’t have any choice.  We have to work with that situation;  we have to wait and see what comes up on the screen.

In Buddhism, to the contrary, we are holding the keyboard; we ourselves are the programmers.  We program our software, and we press the command keys on our keyboard.

Depending on our own skill, our own energy, and our own knowledge, we get what we want on the screen.

The reason the Buddha taught the dharma was to teach us the command keys.

The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

Photo by Woodland Gnome, 2013