Without a center, without an edge,
The luminous expanse of awareness
that encompasses all-
This vivid, bright vastness:
Natural, primordial presence.

Without an inside, without an outside,
Awareness arisen of itself, as wide as the sky,
Beyond size, beyond direction,
beyond limits-
This utter, complete openness:
Space, inseparable from awareness.

Within that birthless, wide-open
expanse of space,
Phenomena appear- like rainbows,
utterly transparent.
Pure and impure realms, buddhas
and sentient beings,
Are seen, brilliant and distinct.

As far as the sky pervades, so does awareness.
As far as awareness extends, so does
absolute space.

Sky, awareness, absolute space,
Indistinguishably intermixed:
Immense, infinitely vast-
The ground of samsara,
The ground of nirvana,
To remain, day and night, in
this state-
To enter this state easily- this is joy.


Photo by Woodland Gnome