Oregon2010 002

Lincoln City, OR
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…For man, time is a destroyer,

but for the Cosmos

it is an ever turning wheel.

These earthly forms

that come and go

are illusions.

How can something be real

which never stays the same?

But these transitory illusory things arise

from the underlying permanent reality.

Birth is not the beginning of life-

only of an individual awareness.

Change into another state is not death-

only the ending of this awareness.

Most people are ignorant of the truth,

and therefore afraid of death,

believing it to be the greatest of all evils.

But death is only the dissolution

of a worn-out body.

Our term of service as guardians of the world

is ended when we are freed

from the bonds of this mortal frame

and restored,

cleansed and purified,

to the primal condition of our higher nature…

Thoth, from, The Hermetica

Translation by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy

Photo by Woodland Gnome

Oregon Coast, 2010