Mahamudra is beyond all words and symbols,
but for you, Naropa, earnest and loyal, must this be said:
The void needs no reliance; Mahamudra rests on naught.
Without making an effort, but remaining natural,
one can break the yoke — thus gaining liberation.
If one sees naught when staring into space;
if with the mind one then observes the mind,
one destroys distinctions and reaches buddhahood.

The clouds that wander through the sky have no roots, no home;
nor do the distinctive thoughts floating through the mind.
Once the self-mind is seen, discrimination stops.
In space shapes and colors form, but neither by black nor white
is space tinged. From the self-mind all things emerge,
The mind by virtues and by vices is not stained.

By Tilopa (988–1069 CE )
Photo by Woodland Gnome
Ocracoke Island, NC 2008