In a sense, the Cosmos is changeless,
because its motions are determined by unalterable laws
which cause it to revolve eternally
without beginning and end.
Its parts manifest, disappear
and are created anew,
again and again
in the undulating pulse of time…

The present issues from the past,
and the future from the present.
Everything is made one by this continuity.
Time is like a circle,
where all the points are so linked
that you cannot say
where it begins or ends,
for all points both precede
and follow one another for ever.

Yet, there is an even deeper understanding.
The past has departed and no longer is.
The future has not arrived and is yet to be.
Even the present does not last,
so how can it be said to exist,
when it doesn’t stay still for a moment?

The Hermetica, attributed to Thoth
Translated by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy

Photo by Woodland Gnome,
Virginia Beach, VA 2008